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Goodview Electronic Co., Ltd. was originally as a beautiful Shanghai Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

2001 --- OK Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai was established to focus on liquid crystal display solutions.

2002 --- successfully developed based on the GENIUS-chip LCD driver solution for bulk supply of liquid crystal display modules.

2003 --- ESS chip successfully developed multimedia-based decoding scheme. Combined with the liquid crystal display.
               Successful development of liquid crystal-splicing techniques, and was hi-tech achievement transformation project in Shanghai
2004 --- the establishment of factories in Shanghai and began to Focus Media supply.

2005 --- moved to Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao Development Zone, the formation of R & D / production / service as one enterprise.
               Establishment of the Shanghai Pudong by the end of Xian, as Electronics Co., Ltd.
               In the same year received the title of Shanghai High-tech Enterprise.

2006 --- establish a quality testing center, they can do all kinds of vibration, drop, high and low temperature test
               Developed a full range of LCD advertising machine
2007 --- Narrow LCD splicing successfully developed the program, the domestic first splicing does not require the controller program. And put on the market

2008 --- entered the digital posters, development of 20-inch digital posters, mass-market

2009 --- "V" series and "L" series of digital posters and a full range of LCD monitors on the market.

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