Sales :
Tel:  626-203-8919
Fax: 626-875-0894
Dealing with service
In order to get the updated requirements and respond it timely, DIYPC has set up call center, and established national hotline: 626-203-8919, which is used for dealing with the pre-sales consultant, query during use, after-sales maintenance, and other requirements.
Dealing with information
After receiving customer¡¯s call, the representative of DIYPC will deal with the customer information according the requirements, establish customer's file, and send the requirements to the corresponding service center through DIYPC Customer Service Management System.
After service, the authorized service provider will send the service result to DIYPC customers through DIYPC Customer Service Management System.
After-sales Maintenance Service
DIYPC offers 1 year warranty on our products.
Note£º After warranty period, if any problem and fault occur and the user think that technician is needed to offer field support, Pls. either call support line #626-203-8919 or write email to, our support team will respond within 24 hours, to offer maintenance free of charge or change service support. DIYPC after-sales service center has a professional service team with super skill, professional ability, and plentiful experience in maintenance and support.
Shenzhen office: No.478 Jinwan Road, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, Pudong District, Shanghai, China
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