No light ,no image ,no sound ,troubleshooting steps
1.      check sockets ,plugs ,cable and inside parts for loose connection of power line.
2.      check if the two indicator lights are on simultaneously .If the green one is off whereas the red one is on,it should be for timing setting problem ,then reset the clock according to the manual book, everything will be ok.
3.      Check the clock ,if it’s usually for battery exhaustion. Plug in the home use sockets , the clock display will appear ten minutes later .Rest the clock ,it will work again.
Images on with no sound
1.      Minumum volume , reset the volume.
2.      Sth is wrong with speakers exchange the speakers.
CF Card can’t be read
1.      Files built incorrectly in the CF card.
2.      Rebuild the Loop files.
3.      Menu mode set by mistake, refresh the minu mode please.
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